Hello, I’m Brandon Davis, and I’m running for Nevada Assembly District 34. I moved into this district in 2013, and over the past ten years, I’ve seen firsthand the challenges we face. I believe our community deserves better, and that’s why I’m stepping up to represent us.

My decision to run isn’t based on political ambition but on genuine concern for our future – especially for our children. I am a father, a husband, and a small business owner. My family’s safety, the quality of our education, and the overall future of our state are deeply important to me.

I’ve watched the current District 34 incumbent make decisions that have made our schools and communities less safe. She has also worked to lower educational standards and has consistently blocked school choice initiatives. This is not the direction we want for our district. Every family should have the right to choose the best educational path for their children.

Moreover, I believe in the importance of a fair and balanced government. Right now, the Nevada Legislature is just one seat away from a Democrat supermajority. This could lead to a government that doesn’t represent all our voices. We need to protect the balance to ensure that laws passed reflect the needs and wants of all Nevadans.

Part of maintaining this balance is safeguarding the vetoes made by Governor Lombardo in the 2023 legislative session. These vetoes are vital for preventing legislation that does not align with our district’s best interests. My commitment is to stand firm on these issues and be a voice for reason and fairness in the Assembly.

I’m running because I care about our community. I believe in responsible governance, where the safety and prosperity of our district are prioritized. I stand for a government that works for the people, not against them. A government that listens and responds to its citizens, not one that dictates and disregards.

Join me in this journey for a better District 34. Together, we can bring positive change, ensure safe and thriving communities, and provide our children with the quality education they deserve. With your support, we can make sure our voices are heard and respected in Carson City.

Thank you for considering me as your representative. Let’s work together for a brighter future for Nevada Assembly District 34.

brandon davis candidate for nevada assembly district 34 in 2024


Join our fight to send a representative to Carson City who will advocate for the people, not special interests.