Brandon’s Priorities

Brandon’s number one priority will always be serving the people in District 34, listening to their needs, and advocating on their behalf.


Drawing from his personal experience as a product of public schools and as a parent of children in charter schools, Brandon is uniquely positioned to address Nevada’s education challenges. He firmly believes in the transformative power of education and the need for diverse, high-quality options. This is why he’s an ardent supporter of school choice, which gives parents the opportunity to select educational environments best suited for their children. However, Brandon also believes in strengthening our public schools to provide all of Nevada’s children, regardless of their circumstances, with a robust, comprehensive education. Our state’s future depends on it.

Watch Brandon testify before the Interim Finance Committee advocating for funding the Opportunity Scholarship Program.


Brandon’s commitment is to help create a robust, resilient, and diversified Nevada economy. He recognizes the need to diversify our revenue streams beyond tourism and gaming, exploring opportunities in technology, energy, and other burgeoning industries. As a proud small business owner, he understands firsthand the challenges businesses face, and he’ll strive to create an environment where they can flourish. Advocating for policy changes to support small businesses, reducing unnecessary regulations, and broad occupational licensing reforms are key components of his economic strategy for our district.


Maintaining safe communities is very important to Brandon. He firmly stands behind our law enforcement agencies and first responders and will advocate for the essential resources they require to safeguard our neighborhoods effectively and responsibly. At the same time, Brandon believes in accountability and transparency in the public sector and supports measures that help root out bad actors, ensuring our institutions uphold the highest standards of conduct. We need to invest in strengthening relationships between law enforcement and the communities they serve. Furthermore, Brandon will advocate for addressing the underlying causes of crime, such as improving access to mental health services, substance abuse treatment, and meaningful educational and job opportunities for all Nevadans.


Our Constitution enshrines the individual rights and liberties that form the bedrock of our great nation. As your representative in Assembly District 34, Brandon is dedicated to safeguarding these precious liberties. This includes staunch advocacy for freedom of speech, religion, and assembly, respect for privacy and due process, and a strong defense of our Second Amendment rights. Brandon firmly believes in the right of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves, their families, and their properties. He will stand against any government overreach that threatens our fundamental freedoms and will tirelessly work to ensure your rights are protected. Remember, the government serves the people, not the other way around.


Brandon Davis understands the frustration that many Nevadans feel when they see their tax dollars squandered on frivolous expenditures or used to expand a government that often feels out of touch with the everyday concerns of its citizens. His experiences as a small business owner and a member of the community have instilled in him a sense of fiscal responsibility and an appreciation for the value of hard-earned money. That’s why he’s determined to make our government more transparent and accountable.

If elected, he will staunchly oppose any unwarranted tax increases on Nevada’s working families and will do everything in his power to rein in runaway government spending. This isn’t about party lines; it’s about respect for the people who fund the government. Brandon believes that ‘We the People’ should be in control of our government, not the other way around. It’s time to take back control, and with your support, we can do just that.


Brandon places immense value on health freedom and individual choice, and he is committed to championing these principles for you in Carson City. Understanding the essential role healthcare plays in the lives of Nevadans, Brandon’s priority is ensuring accessible, high-quality care for all our citizens. He will advocate for policy that supports competition and innovation in healthcare, driving down costs while improving patient outcomes.

Additionally, he believes in preserving the doctor-patient relationship, ensuring decisions about care are made by patients and their healthcare providers, not by distant bureaucrats. In Carson City, Brandon will champion your rights, strongly advocating for health freedom and individual choice because he believes they are fundamental to your wellbeing.