Brandon Davis Announces Candidacy for Nevada Assembly District 34
August 2, 2023

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas business owner Brandon Davis has announced his candidacy for Nevada State Assembly District 34 in the 2024 election, promising a robust campaign that focuses on education, economic growth, and secure communities.

Known for his record-setting run as the Libertarian candidate for Governor in 2022, Davis is now leveraging his resilient Battleborn spirit, sharp business acumen, and passion for public service to represent District 34 as a Republican. “My life and career stand as a testament to resilience and the belief in the power of community and opportunity,” Davis said.

Davis believes in enhancing school choice, particularly for low-income and minority households, to provide them access to alternative schooling options. He will advocate for the Opportunity Scholarship Program, Education Savings Accounts, and will stand against attempts by Democratic lawmakers to remove choice from parents.

As a successful small business owner in Southern Nevada, Davis has firsthand experience with the obstacles and challenges that businesses face. His campaign aims to advocate for an environment that allows businesses to thrive, diversifying the economy and creating new streams of revenue for the state, without over-reliance on tourism and gaming.

“As a legislator, I will tirelessly work to ensure that government is transparent and accountable,” Davis pledged, emphasizing the importance of government serving the people, not special interests.

Davis stands for fairness in the legislature, aiming to do his part to prevent a supermajority and secure Governor Lombardo’s 2023 vetoes. “My election can bring needed balance to the Assembly, and together, we can ensure that Governor Lombardo’s vetoes remain upheld, securing the fair, balanced Nevada we all deserve,’ Davis stated.”

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About Brandon Davis:

Brandon Davis, a Nevada resident of over a decade, epitomizes resilience and determination, rising from a blue-collar upbringing to become a successful multi-business owner in Assembly District 34. A proud father of two and dedicated husband, he balances his family life with active involvement in arts, culture, and his community. He is a well-known musician, coaches flag football, and volunteers his time with various organizations.


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