Shady Committee Deals Undermine Transparency
May 27, 2022
nevada state legislature building

Backdoor votes, unrecorded meeting minutes, and Nevada deserves better.

Every day I’m seeing more and more reasons why I jumped into the Governor race. Nevadans are sick of being lied to and treated as puppets on a string. We have so many laws designed to benefit specific groups, that are often so complex they benefit politicians, while maintaining the illusion of doing something positive.

We have so many elected officials in Nevada that purposefully meet in committees to amend bills without public comment, often without documenting and/or recording it, in an effort to pass through shady deals under the noses of our residents.

I’m providing a case of exactly that, please read on. We must know about these shady dealings and be aware of the individuals involved.

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Did you know that in 2017, Nevada lawmakers passed an amendment to Senate Bill 69 that raised the fees paid to law firms the state hires in cases like Opioid litigation?

All we know is that the bill originally drawn up to address state licensing issues passed on the last day of the session and gave lawyers a big raise in the process.

Many wonder if someone intentionally tried to keep the amendment quiet by making sure there was no chance for public input on it.

Eglet Adams, Attorney General Aaron Ford’s former law firm, just earned nearly five and a half million dollars by representing Nevada in its first Opioid settlement.

The conference committee met in room 1113 B on the first floor of the legislative building. But there are no minutes to tell us what transpired. And there’s no record of who it was that introduced that amendment on the last day of the legislative session.”

Link to exact amendment – ​​

There are many ways Nevada legislators slip in bills and amendments without public comment, without a requirement for recording minutes in committee, and in the dark of night. All done in an attempt to shadily line the pockets of themselves and their buddies. I will work to end it, full stop. Nevadans deserve better.

There’s current elected officials who were involved with this shady bill/amendment, committee; as well as those who voted to pass it, that are up for re-election in 2022. Remember their names:

  • Tick Segerblom (Clark County Commissioner)
  • Nicole Cannizaro (current Senate Majority leader, District 6)
  • Mo Denis (NV Senate District 2)
  • Aaron Ford (NV Attorney General)
  • Patricia Spearman (running for North Las Vegas Mayor)

They all were a part of this shady deal that takes money from Nevada taxpayers and lines the pockets of law firms like the one that represents Aaron Ford.

These are the actions of thieves. If we don’t fight this type of corruption, it’ll continue to spread. Vote like your lives depend on it, because it does.