Nevada’s Issue of Crime and Community Safety
January 6, 2024
Nevada's Issue of Crime and Community Safety

Millions of people around the world have now seen the wild video of a man leaping to attack Clark County District Court Judge Mary Kay Holthus. Memes have been made, opinions have been cast, and much more. But there’s so much more to this story that connects to my run for Nevada State Assembly District 34.

The issue of crime and community safety stands at the forefront of my concerns. Recent legislative decisions have brought to light the pressing need for a comprehensive and effective approach to criminal justice—one that balances the scales of justice and safety.

How Did We Get Here?

In 2019, the Nevada legislature passed AB 236, a bill aimed at reducing the state’s prison population. This bill, while well-intentioned in its efforts to reform our justice system, has shown unintended consequences that we can no longer overlook. It has reduced penalties for certain offenders and altered the framework for parole, changes that have sparked concern among many Nevadans.

Let’s take the case of Deobra Redden, a man with an extensive criminal history, who recently attacked the aforementioned Las Vegas judge. His journey through the Nevada justice system under the revised laws illustrates a troubling pattern.

Despite multiple felony and misdemeanor convictions, including domestic violence and battery, Redden’s penalties were often minimal—ranging from short jail sentences to probation and anger management classes.

This revolving door policy, a product of the “social justice” initiatives, allowed him to remain active in our communities, ultimately culminating in his violent act in a courtroom.

As your representative in Carson City, I pledge to reevaluate and recalibrate our approach to criminal justice. Our communities deserve to be safe and secure, and this begins with a justice system that appropriately responds to and deters criminal behavior.

My plan involves several key strategies:

  1. Revisiting Legislative Decisions: We need to critically assess the impacts of laws like AB 236. While reform is necessary, it must not come at the expense of public safety. I will work towards amendments that strike a balance between rehabilitation and the necessary deterrence of crime.
  2. Supporting Law Enforcement: Our law enforcement officers play a crucial role in maintaining safety. I will advocate for adequate resources, training, and support for our police forces to ensure they can effectively serve and protect our communities. To be clear, this does NOT mean compromising on accountability. I believe rooting out bad actors is an important step in building trust between our communities and law enforcement.
  3. Community Involvement: Addressing crime isn’t solely the responsibility of law enforcement; it requires community engagement. I will initiate programs that foster collaboration between residents, local businesses, and law enforcement to create a united front against crime.
  4. Addressing the Root Causes: Long-term solutions to crime involve tackling its root causes. This means investing in education, mental health services, job training, and other social services that can divert individuals from the path of crime.
  5. Upholding Accountability: We must ensure that our justice system holds offenders accountable while also offering paths to rehabilitation. This includes reevaluating parole and probation systems to ensure they are effectively monitoring and guiding individuals toward a law-abiding future.

The safety of our community is paramount. We cannot allow the missteps of past legislation to compromise the security of our neighborhoods. Electing me, Brandon Davis, to the Nevada Legislature means choosing a champion for safer communities.

I am committed to implementing solutions that address crime comprehensively, ensuring that every resident of Nevada can live, work, and raise their families in a secure and thriving environment.

Together, let’s work towards a future where safety and justice walk hand in hand, making Nevada a model state where every citizen can feel secure and protected. Your support is not just a vote for me; it’s a vote for a safer, stronger Nevada.

With gratitude and determination,

Brandon Davis

brandon davis candidate for nevada state assembly district 34