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Justice Reform

I will work to end qualified immunity, civil asset forfeiture, no-knock warrants, decriminalize drugs, and reduce criminal charges for nonviolent crimes in Nevada. Doing so gets Nevadans back home with their families, reduces negative interactions with law enforcement officers, and reduces financial burdens on the state. I’ll also work to make sure laws and penalties for violent crimes are maintained and in some cases expanded. 


Qualified Immunity

Qualified immunity shields police from accountability, impedes true justice, and undermines the constitutional rights of every person in Nevada. I will work to end qualified immunity for all civil servants including law enforcement officers, social workers, teachers, and prison guards that violate the Constitutional rights of Nevadans. We’ve seen a precedent in New Mexico on how to accomplish this and it’s time Nevada did the same. I am thankful for the public workers that assist our Nevada residents in various forms, but accountability is a must.


Civil Asset Forfeiture

It is “policing for profit”, period. These laws allow the government to take cash, cars, homes and other property suspected of being involved in criminal activity without any proof. The property owner doesn’t have to be charged with, let alone convicted of, a crime to permanently lose his property. In 2021, Nevada Highway Patrol officers confiscated more than $86,000 from a Marine vet during a traffic stop just outside of Reno. He never committed a crime, and it took him two lawsuits and six months to get his money back. I will work to end these awful laws.


No-Knock Warrants

The practice of military-style warrant executions have led to deaths of innocent people and have no place in our criminal justice system. By creating a more rigorous application process, ensuring law enforcement intelligence is accurate, and prescribing the warrant execution requirements, we can prevent unnecessary deaths.


Drug Decriminalization

It’s time to end the failing war on drugs and to end the state’s wasteful spending on these nonviolent crimes. I believe the family unit is the most important institution in our civilization. The way that we support communities is by making sure that our children have their mothers and fathers in their lives. The amount of money and resources our state spends on inmates, personnel, and processing of these drug convictions can be put to much better uses to make our state better. We’ve seen a precedent in Oregon on how to accomplish this.


Cash Bail

The cash bail system discrim­in­ates against the poor and often people of color, and it is in dire need of reform. Numerous cases exist of innocent individuals sitting in jail for long periods of time because they can’t afford bail, which is a rights violation. I’ll work with legislators to end this unnecessary practice. Obviously 



In Nevada there has been large pushback from state legislators and nearly zero efforts by our current governor to make meaningful criminal justice reforms in our state. Because separation of powers doctrines are being ignored, we have district attorneys heading Senate committees and blocking many criminal justice bills that have gotten submitted in recent years. We have large law enforcement unions financing the campaigns of politicians to gain substantial reach and name recognition. Again, I’ll clarify that my stance on ending these harmful government policies does NOT mean I am soft on crime. I believe in staying strong on, and sometimes increasing, penalties for violent crimes as long as there’s proof beyond a shadow of a doubt with evidence the individual is guilty. 


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I am David going up against Goliath, but with your help we can give a voice to the Nevadans who are done with the major two parties. Who believe that choice, individual liberty, and natural rights are more important than special interest groups and cronyism.