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The fastest way to create jobs is to let businesses operate more freely. Occupational licensing in our state has made it far too difficult for Nevadans to get licensed and start businesses. Payroll, commerce, sales & use, and modified business taxes make it hard for businesses to find revenue for additional employees. The red tape and regulations on businesses makes it unfavorable to come to Nevada. When the government picks winners and losers it hurts Nevada.


Reducing Burdens

As owner of multiple businesses in Nevada I’ve seen firsthand the government initiated burdens business owners face in their operations. From licensing to taxes, these burdens take revenue away from businesses that could be going to payroll and more employees. I will block any legislation that increases taxes on businesses and will work to reduce additional burdens on business owners statewide. 


Picking Winners & Losers

The fact that we are picking winners and losers regarding who gets licenses and permits keeps disadvantaged Nevadans from becoming successful business owners. The cannabis industry is a perfect example of this. Nevada remains plagued by arbitrary restrictions on the number of available licenses, which stifles opportunities for entrepreneurship and the development of a highly competitive marijuana market. We have a big opportunity to create jobs across the state if we allowed more licenses, reduced the red tape associated with consumption lounges, and created a freer, and more competitive, market.


Occupational Licensing

We must reform our occupational licensing and make it easier for everyday Nevadans to start small businesses. We have to empower the potential talent in our state to foster growth from within. Nevada would see an 8.5 percent employment boost if excessive restrictions to obtaining licensing were reduced. Nevada‘s onerous and burdensome occupational licensing laws are suppressing jobs for low and moderate income professions at a near national-high rate, according to a 2017 peer-reviewed analysis by the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL). I will work to break down these government created barriers to get the employment boost this state greatly needs.




I believe we can incentivize more industries to locate their companies in Nevada which can bring more jobs to our state, but the way to do this is NOT through tax incentives and subsidies. Those create more harm than good. We do it by making Nevada more business friendly, reducing regulations, and reducing taxes.


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I am David going up against Goliath, but with your help we can give a voice to the Nevadans who are done with the major two parties. Who believe that choice, individual liberty, and natural rights are more important than special interest groups and cronyism.