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It’s time we fund students instead of systems. Nevada’s public education system is not working for our children and needs an overhaul. More choice is the path forward for our children through charters, privates, academies, microschools, and more. No child should be locked into a school because of their zipcode, and no Nevadan should HAVE to pay into a system they want to opt out of. CCSD is too large, bloated with unnecessary admin & staff making six figure incomes while teachers and kids struggle. We need real solutions and throwing more money at it isn’t it.


More Choices For Parents

Statistics have shown both that parents want more choices in education AND students in non-public options have higher achievement rates. However, the public education system has been gridlocked by public unions, special interest groups, and the crony politicians and judges that are funded by them. They want to take more of your tax money every year under the false label of “funding education” to pay for retirement accounts and bloated unnecessary admin staffs. When we are funding systems instead of students, we are failing our children. There is no logical argument why a family shouldn’t be able to choose the school of their choice and take their tax dollars with them.

I’m a supporter of charter schools, microschools, privates, and other alternative options in education. The same way that we must be innovative in our state’s economic growth we MUST be innovative in our state’s education. I will block any legislation that reduces education alternatives in Nevada.


School Districts

I am a firm believer that both CCSD and WCSD need to be broken up into smaller districts. The Denver metro area has 18 School Districts. Las Vegas has 1. Our population has grown too drastically since 1956 when the legislature consolidated roughly 200 school districts in 1 for each county. There is rampant mismanagement, safety issues, ethics complaints, and bad situations for our students and teachers alike. I’ll support and encourage legislation to get this done. Do so will bring more local oversight, increase accountability, and produce environments that will attract more teachers. The ultimate goal is smaller class sizes and more direct student interaction, which I believe will produce higher student achievements in public schools. 



I have children getting ready to enter 2nd grade and kindergarten.  I came up in the public school system. I’m heavily involved in a Las Vegas area charter school. I’ve seen all sides, I am personally embedded, and am passionate about our children’s futures. I am thankful for our teachers and will continue to fight to improve the education environment in our state.



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I am David going up against Goliath, but with your help we can give a voice to the Nevadans who are done with the major two parties. Who believe that choice, individual liberty, and natural rights are more important than special interest groups and cronyism.