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Right now many Nevadans are struggling to pay for day-to-day items because of inflation caused by insane government spending. My biggest priority is getting more money back to Nevadans through repealing and cutting taxes and reducing wasteful government spending.

A free market economy with as little red tape and government interference as possible is the pathway to economic growth. If we are to expand beyond tourism, gaming, and mining in a meaningful way to diversify our portfolio of industries…it will require innovation and reduced government interference. Tax breaks, abatements, and credits are not the solution and hurt our state’s revenue. Allow companies, startups, and innovators to operate more freely and Nevada will thrive.


Free Our Markets

When businesses are allowed to operate more freely, there’s more competition. With more competition, comes lower prices for consumers. However, when governments regulate and control there will always be winners and losers and unintended consequences.

Think of how many energy options you have as a Nevadan currently.
Think of how many internet and cable providers you have.

States that have taken the initiative to unleash the power of competition in the electric utility industry have demonstrated that, even in this industry, competitive markets operate much more efficiently than government-protected monopolies.



As technology expands, Nevada has an opportunity to be a hub for new and emerging companies in tech. There’s an increasing demand for data analysis, AI, process automation, and software development. As these companies currently located in high-tax and high regulation states find the burdens no longer tolerable to bear, a less-regulated and low-tax state like Nevada becomes very appealing. We just have to take the steps to create that appealability.

Part of drawing in those new companies will rely on housing, an issue I’ve spoken on many times. Our current affordable housing crisis must be fixed. If there’s no housing, companies will not come here. We have to work with our counties and cities across Nevada to reduce zoning and planning laws and regulations to allow more diverse housing developments. We must build vertical and rethink the way multi-use parcels work.


As Nevada Governor I will work damn hard to bring more innovative economy driving companies to our state, while reducing the regulations, taxes, and barriers to get them here. I’ll always be of an open mind to new emerging possibilities and what’s best for the residents of our state.

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I am David going up against Goliath, but with your help we can give a voice to the Nevadans who are done with the major two parties. Who believe that choice, individual liberty, and natural rights are more important than special interest groups and cronyism.