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Do you know that efforts brought forth to reduce the scope of government or reduce the amount of power that our governor has, didn’t even make it to committee for discussion in the last legislative session? That means the majority of Nevada’s elected officials are against decreasing the power of government. Think about that for a moment.

Nevada has the second-highest price per gallon of gas in the nation. Each gallon includes 68.88 cents in taxes, or 11 cents more than the U.S. national average. And because a law (last modified in 1997) automatically raises Nevada’s fuel tax by the exact amount of any reduction at the federal level, it’s literally pointless to suspend any gas taxes in our state.
Did you know that in recent legislative sessions in the Nevada Legislature, any real attempt for true criminal justice reform such as ending qualified immunity, removing civil asset forfeiture, or any other bill draft request that could really impact diverse communities in our state never made it out of committee?

Do you know that most public polling doesn’t include any non Democrat or Republican in their questions? And furthermore your local media uses these polls as specific qualifications to enter their debates? How can non Republicans and Democrats get a fair shake in the media and debates if they’re not included in the criteria? It’s a scam, that’s why.

Do you know in 2021, Nevada Highway Patrol officers confiscated more than $86,000 from a Marine vet during a traffic stop just outside of Reno? He never committed a crime, and it took him two lawsuits and six months to get his money back.
Do you know that roughly 40% of all civil rights cases in the state of Nevada involve prison inmates?
Do you know that dozens of government agencies in Nevada are violating the state’s public records law?
Do you know that numerous Nevada government employees have (and still continue to) simultaneously serve as state legislators, in plain violation of Nevada’s Separation of Powers doctrine?

Do you know that your tax dollars are being used to fund closed primaries that benefit the Republican and Democratic parties, which are private entities? Their gain on your dime!

Did you know that the Libertarian Party is the third largest political party in the United States, with over 324 elected officials from State Legislatures on down to local governments?

What’s The Point?

The point is to be be informed. We can’t create solutions to problems if we don’t know they exist. Our public officials have serious transparency issues and a well-informed public is a powerful public.

Where do we go from here?

Help our movement. You can sign up to help our campaign or you can contribute financially.

Follow the money. You can use the secretary of state’s website to track who candidates are being funded by, as well as who they’re giving money to. Here’s the link. This is especially important in Judicial races, being nonpartisan. If the law enforcement unions are backing them, you can bet that justice is not the objective. If the public teachers union is backing a candidate, you can bet the candidate wants to keep your kids locked in a school based on their zip code. Get it?

Here’s a handy tool that allows you to see salaries and pensions of Nevada public employees. Transparent Nevada 

Contact current state officials, show up to school board meetings and city/county meetings. Make them know you are tired of the same slight of hand pandering that has led us to this point. You can search for your legislator & district here  and follow links to their contact information.