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Highest Polling Ever, Complicit Media, and More
Brandon Davis
August 28, 2022

We are seeing something huge in Nevada. The people are speaking and it’s become blatantly apparent that a large share of Nevada voters don’t want Sisolak or Lombardo. A July poll showed nearly 16% of Nevada voters, when posed with voting for either Sisolak or Lombardo (no other options offered), chose “neither”. In a poll released this month we learned that I’m polling at a higher percentage than any non major-party candidate has ever received in a general election for Governor.
That’s huge!

Nevada Media Is Complicit In Election Fraud

We HAVE to keep pushing, we HAVE to keep letting Nevadans know there IS a third option. Which leads me to the foolishness of the week. The Nevada Independent, a non-profit media entity who bills themselves as “non-biased” and “independent” announced their next Indy Fest event. Problem is, it’s basically a gubernatorial debate between Sisolak and Lombardo.

indyfest 2022 town hall is a fraud


• If 37% of the state’s registered voters are not democrat or republican…
• If polling shows a large portion of voters not wanting Sisolak or Lombardo…
• If a third party option is polling higher than any non-major party candidate…..

You’d think you’d invite the third party option to the debate, right? Well it’s another example of how the media plays a HUGE roll in election fraud, candidate bias, and perpetuating the two-party duopoly system. They are literally advocates in keeping out third party options and furthering a broken system, and they know it!

There’s a couple ways you can let the Indy know they are wrong. I’ve emailed their editor, who normally is pretty friendly with our team, and hasn’t responded. Shocker, right? Comment on their social media, send them emails, and make sure they know YOU think they should “Let Brandon Davis debate!”


brandon davis for governor sign at a paradeWant To Be In A Parade?

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